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    Rubber technical items

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    We have just one aim

    We've been making rubber technical items for almost 50 years

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Grüner s.r.l.
Rubber technical Items

Your quality partner for rubber technical items

Grüner s.r.l. thanks to its flexibility during the years, is now a strategic partner of several world leaders in the rubber supply of components for the automotive sector and carries out its activity in the production of components such as engine mounts, cab supports, shock absorber connections, bushings and technical rubber details for vehicle wiring.

Injection rubber molding

The production is focused on the molding of technical rubber articles. Injection molding (sleeves, fairleads, gaskets, drag rollers with metal and plastic inserts


Gruner s.r.l. has been a partner of global leaders in the supply of automotive components for almost 50 years

Mold design and construction

Gruner has always offered to the Customer mold design services for the production of technical rubber and plastic parts

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